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Child Services

As a former teacher, I really enjoy working with children, ages 5 and up. I can provide assessment and treatment for a large variety of issues.

  • Specific Populations
    • Children who have experienced trauma or significant life changes. Examples include: any type of abuse, neglect, accidents, illnesses, family relocation, or divorce.
    • Children who have experienced parental separation, loss, or death.
    • Children who struggle with emotional regulation, social interactions, poor self-esteem, or body image.
  • Specific Disorders Treated

    “Playing is how the child tries out his world and learns about his world, and is therefore essential to his healthy development.” --Violet Oaklander

    • ADHD
    • Attachment issues
    • ODD*
    • Conduct disorder*
    • Mood disorders, including child depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • High functioning autism

*Children who have experienced trauma and neglect can be given the diagnosis of ODD or Conduct disorder. These children’s behavior communicates something to us- they are frightened and do not feel safe in their world due to the trauma and neglect they have experienced. This fear remains even when the child has been removed from his threatening environment. These children often need nurturing approaches which aim at healing the trauma and neglect experienced.

Methods of Treatment for Website 2019 (pdf file)